Letter to the editor: Hero teacher saved my daughter’s life

Mrs. Janise Faerber

Tucked in a small corner of Waltz is a small church, attached to the church is an old school that has been around since 1870. For over a century, St. John’s school has been educating students grades K-8, that stick around and give back to the community of Huron Township. Just this year 2 of Huron High School’s “Top Ten” came from St. John’s and of the 7 freshmen attending now 5, of them were honored at awards night.

Creating and engaging the minds of these students falls mainly on the efforts of St. John’s dedicated and talented staff. Mrs. Davis is retiring after 31 years, Mrs. Jackson, a 27 year veteran teacher, is back to teaching after enduring a lung transplant, Mr. Hansell and Mr. Gethner share their love of fishing and hunting by providing opportunities for hunter safety and outdoor adventures. The purpose of this article is not to convince you of how amazing the school is, but to honor one of the many heroes among the staff.

On June 5, 2019, during the usual lunch period, something went very wrong in Mrs. Faerber’s third grade class. Mrs. Faerber, a teacher of 35 years, was watching over her class during their lunch period. As students ate and socialized, as they do everyday, one 3rd grade girl began to choke. Mrs. Faerber noticed and quickly approached the girl and began to administer the Heimlich maneuver. Her efforts were futile at first and she needed to pause and call for backup. Immediately after she went back to work in an effort to dislodge the sandwich that was cutting off the girl’s air way. Before help could arrive, she succeeded in pushing the food out from the girl’s throat. If it were not for Mrs. Faerber’s agility and quick thinking, this story could have had a dim outcome.

Thanks to Mrs. Faerber, no EMS, no fire or police had to be called, and most importantly no phone call to report a child’s death. Mrs. Faerber, for 10 years I have been astounded by the job you do teaching and educating even the toughest child with ease. You have taught all 4 of my children and we could not ask for a more perfect teacher. You, however, are more than my child’s teacher, you are our hero. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

-Nichole Otter

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  1. She is absolutely a blessing, when my Granddaughter got hurt one day at School she held and rocked her till her mom got there, I couldn’t thank her enough she is an amazing Teacher, Thank you Again Mrs Faerber, Sign Mrs Honeycutt.

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