UPDATE: Huron taxpayers WILL NOT pay $3,300 for FOIA election ballot requests; but could pay portion?

Dear Readers,

We apologize for any confusion. Here is the original article from the News Herald, which includes the content and quote. The goal of this news aggregation service is to be a community resource and we sincerely appreciate the community feedback in getting this amended.


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  1. A one sentence news “report”? Really. Shady. Jeremy Cady is probably the best member on that board. He does a great job being open, answering questions to those he represents, and is well respected. Your news “news” service is suspect.

      • Please fact check before you post crap line that shoot an outstanding public servant. That’s just wrong.

      • Thank you again for your constructive comment, Joe. Once again, please reference the source of the article, The News Herald, for any concerns you may have.


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